Stretch Hooder Film

Engineered for optimal transit protection and sustainability, our stretch hooder film increases load stability, protects products from moisture, and prevents mold formation during transport. 

Our Stretch Hooder Film offers:

  • Increase load stability
  • Weatherproof pallet protection
  • Increased throughput
  • Moisture control
  • Reduced use of packaging materials
  • Lighter, durable film material
  • Clarity for easy barcode scanning

Advantages of Stretch Hooder Film:

Superior Wear Resistance: Our stretch hood film snuggly fits a variety of pallet sizes to protect against abrasion, tears, and punctures during handling and transportation, ensuring the integrity of palletized goods.

Water and Weatherproof: With 5-sided protection from top to bottom, stretch hood film shields palletized products from environmental elements, like dust, UV, and rain. This prevents water damage and maintains product quality throughout transport.

Increased Efficiency: With its extra stretch capacity, our stretch hood film can wrap a variety of pallet sizes with just one film size. This allows for streamlined pallet wrapping, reducing downtime and material waste.

Cost Effective: Compared to traditional pallet wrapping methods, stretch hood film requires less material to cover a bundle and offers higher load stability, resulting in cost savings and improved sustainability.

Brand Visibility: Eliminating wrinkles and multiple layers of wrapping, our film’s smooth, transparent nature allows for higher product visibility and film branding opportunities. Companies can enhance brand recognition and shelf appeal.

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