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We are are one of the few suppliers out there with immediate shipping on PPE. We ship same or next day, and you can count on us to be a partner with you for not only PPE but other products to keep your business running efficiently. Click here to browse now!

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At Simply Packed

We are your go to Packaging Distributor. We carry most of the major packaging products a warehouse or manufacturing facility would need to ship their products. We work closely with our vendors to make sure we have the best possible pricing. We also maintain an extremely low overhead by utilizing various technologies to automate and streamline the entire supply chain. This allows us to keep our pricing lower than the competition.

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Take Your Company Branding to the Next Level

At Simply Packed we are helping our customers take their marketing and branding to the next level. Our team is constantly pushing the envelope for our customers with new packaging and branding ideas (Tinker Coffee)

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Inside and Outside The Box Thinking

Simply Packed was created to Simplify the way our customers buy their packaging supplies. We have creative ways to package inside and outside the box to make your product stand out from the competition. We specialize in working with B2B customers and E-commerce companies to find the right products at the right price.

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