Machine Pallet Wrap Film

We offer high-performance cast machine pallet wrap, capable of stretching over 300%, to protect pallets of all configurations. This film is for equipment application and use for heavy, unstable loads and compatible with multiple machine manufacturers.

Machine Pallet Wrap Features:

  • Load protection, with a dark white opaque tint.
  • The perfect machine plastic film fit for any application.
  • Works on any manufacturer’s equipment, including Lantec, Wulftec, Orion, and more.
  • Available in many different sizes and thicknesses
  • 40 Rolls Per pallet.

Benefits of Machine Film:

  • Automates the wrapping process, increasing employee productivity
  • Works well with tall and irregular shipments and pallets
  • Ideal for high-volume applications
  • Consistent load containment
  • Reduced waste and wrap time
  • Improved safety
  • Lower wrapping costs and wrap savings

We pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality protective films and machine wrap for your packaging supply needs. Designed to protect a variety of items against shock, abrasion, vibration and shifts during transport, our solutions are tried and true to get your shipments from point A to point B safely and securely.

machine pallet wrap film
Roll Dimensions

20″ x 80g x 6000′

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