Lock N’ Pop Adhesive Solution

LOCK N’ POP allows companies to reduce or eliminate their use of slip-sheets, corner boards, dunnage bags and stretch film, while increasing their pallet load stability during shipment.

Safer than hot melt, this solution is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly adhesive that works either by itself, or in conjunction with stretch wrap. Using compact, inexpensive and virtually maintenance free equipment, this adhesive system secures each box, holding packages together from the inside out, yet allowing packages to easily pop apart by simply lifting.

The shear strength created by this adhesive keeps packages from shifting side to side, virtually eliminating intermodal shipping damage. Five formulas designed specifically for boxes, bags and frozen packages, and works on most surface types, while leaving no visible or sticky residue, so it does not tear the package.

For any business that ships their products, there are serious economic, environmental and customer satisfaction concerns to be considered. Over one billion dollars per year are lost due to shipping damage. Damaged goods and delivery delays have a major negative impact on consumer satisfaction. The cost of packaging consumables, equipment and labor are increasing, in addition to the increase in environmental issues regarding packaging product disposal in the landfill.

We can help you save product, save money and save the planet with LOCK N’ POP!

No matter how large or small your business, no matter the type of cartons that you use, we have the right formulas and equipment for every type and size of operation.

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