TYCOON® Polyester Strapping

Teufelberger TYCOON® Polyester Strapping

Tycoon® is a portfolio of polyester strapping (PET) designed to address storage and transport challenges, such as vibrations, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure. Tycoon® straps range from 9 to 32 mm with solutions for nearly every strapping use including:

  • Tycoon® GreenPerformance
  • Tycoon® HighTension
  • Tycoon® Speed
  • Tycoon® Xtend
  • Tycoon® Xtend Sigma

Benefits of TYCOON® PET Strapping

  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Buckle-free closure
  • Absence of rust means no discoloration or related damage
  • Higher strap tension
  • Reliable protection of goods
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