Kraft Paper Gummed Tape

The standard in many box sealing operations, kraft paper gummed tape bonds instantly to all corrugated surfaces, creating a strong seal for shipment. Our kraft tape is strong, flexible, temperature resistant and provides an immediate tamper-evident bond on boxes. Seal your success with our kraft paper tape!

Features of Paper Gummed Tape:

  • 70mm x 450′  ten rolls per case
  • Kraft color
  • Reinforced water activated tape
  • Bonds instantly to all corrugated carton surfaces and generates an immediate tamper-evident bond.
  • Extra strong fiberglass yarns are strategically bonded between sheets of paper to provide an extra margin of strength.

Benefits of Kraft Tape:

  • Excellent flexibility for sealing carton corners and irregular surfaces
  • Ideal for packing and sealing corrugated boxes during transport and shipment
  • Water activated tape is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Water activated tape dispenser available
Paper Gummed Tape

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