Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Simply Packed has been focused on bringing sustainability based solutions to customers. Our company has always centered on helping customers minimize film usage, eliminate load damage, and improve productivity. Our system solutions ensure customers are optimizing their operations throughout the supply chain.

Scrap the Wrap?

While packaging sustainability is predominately focused on reducing primary packaging material and increasing cube utilization, the end-of-line stretch wrapping process is critical to achieving undamaged product delivery and reducing waste. Advancements in film, equipment and technology are making it easier to reach sustainability goals while minimizing costs.

Simply Packed is proud to offer a closed loop program for our wrap products. Customers in the closed loop program can set up their wrap to be returned to the manufacturer for recycling and create a sustainable process for machine and hand wrap products.

We understand that achieving greater sustainability goes beyond inserting alternative solutions, and understands the purpose and goals for each  application.

Please contact us to learn more about our closed loop wrap recycling program.

How Sustainable Are Your Supplies?

Simply Packed offers Free sustainability audits throughout the year.

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