Simply Packed has been focused on bringing sustainability based solutions to customers. Our company has always centered on helping customers minimize film usage, eliminate load damage, and improve productivity. Our system solutions ensure customers are optimizing their operations throughout the supply chain.

While packaging sustainability is predominately focused on reducing primary packaging material and increasing cube utilization, the end-of-line stretch wrapping process is critical to achieving optimum product delivery and reducing waste. As another step in the supply chain, it can’t be ignored if companies are looking to meet industry demands and achieve greater overall production efficiency. Advancements in film, equipment and technology are making it easier to reach sustainability goals while minimizing costs. We work with our customers to offer the best solutions and understand that achieving greater sustainability goes beyond simply inserting alternative solutions but truly understanding each application.

 Eliminator™ Machine Stretch Wrap Film


helps minimize film usage and costs up to 20%. This high strength, thin gauge film is produced using a new, proprietary formulation and compliments the proven, high quality Eliminator cast and ST blown films. As a result, Eliminator has the highest force-to-film weight ratio on the market. The five- layer, cast metallocene formulation and unique structure allows for a thinner, yet stronger film that protects the product better than most machine stretch wrap films on the market today.


GaleWrap LITE™ Pre-Stretched Film

 An Eco-Friendly hand wrap that is also 50% stronger than pre-stretch film of equal weight. With a 60-70 gauge performance equivalent, GaleWrap LITE rolls are also 50% stronger than pre-stretched films of equal weight. This allows for greater load integrity and less wasted film due to breaks or tears. LITE also provides users with puncture resistant material— GaleWrap’s films are manufactured using its patented Inline Orientation Process.


Simply Packed offers Free sustainability audits throughout the year. Call or text us now 833-372-2533. Remember, a few hours with one of our packaging specialists can save you thousands in operating costs.