When shipping products to customers, many businesses struggle with choosing between cardboard or corrugated boxes for their packaging materials. While it’s true that corrugated boxes incorporate cardboard into their design, several vital differences exist between these two packaging techniques.

What Is a Corrugated Box?

There is a big difference between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. Cardboard is a heavy-duty paper stock that’s thicker and more durable than regular paper these are called Paperboard, or Chipboard.  Cereal boxes, gift boxes, and bakery boxes are all examples of paperboard packaging.

Corrugated board is made of three layers of brown kraft paper. It contains ridges and grooves, which promote strength and flexibility, these are called the flutes. They add strength to the paper which makes corrugated boxes great for withstanding outside forces from the environment and also transportation damage.  

Why use corrugated boxes?

  • Strength: Corrugated boxes are a lot stronger than cardboard boxes. They can withstand damage from shipping while not getting crushed.  Corrugated boxes can be stacked together to increase storage capabilities.
  • Size: Corrugated boxes have thousands of sizes, which gives our customers the ability to size the corrugated box to their particular application. Corrugated boxes can be taken apart and broken down for end of life storage or recycling.
  • Eco-friendly: Corrugated boxes are great for the environment because they’re made with 100% renewable materials.  Unlike certain plastics, 70-100% of boxes are made from recycled paper which makes this product extremely good for the environment.  Additionally many of the paper mills actually plant two trees for every one they cut down.  This is not only good for the environment but also selfishly keeps their business growing!

Corrugated boxes are widely used today. With the growth of Amazon and other e-commerce companies, finding the best shipping solution for your products is more important than ever before.  Additionally our customers have found that the box opening experience is directly related to the product inside.  This has prompted an amazing about of interest in the branding of these boxes.  Since the box is the first journey of the customer experience why not make it stand out!  Simply Packed is here to help you find the best possible design and structure for your corrugated e-commerce box.  Click here to find out more about the Corrugated industry.

Find Your Packaging Solution at Simply Packed

At Simply Packed, we’re committed to helping you meet your packaging needs, whether you need corrugated shipping and moving boxes or storage boxes. We have a variety of corrugated products to allow our customers a diverse array of solutions, from folding cartons for lightweight or specialized print wrapped boxes to large corrugated boxes for heavy duty products.

At Simply Packed, we’re on a mission to put our customers’ needs at the forefront of all our business decisions. We offer custom corrugated designs for any shipping box and have the ability to customize almost every aspect of the corrugated box experience.


Custom Branded Corrugated


At Simply Packed we are a resource and partner for our customers to really help

them extend their brand from product all the way to the customers doorstep.  This means coming up with creative ways to brand inside and outside the box.  We utilize various partner Box Plants around the country to provide a streamlined supply chain no matter where our customers plant is located.

Inside Print

We offer unique printing on the inside of your box so the customer experience when opening their product is a nice extension of your brand.

Laminated/Digital Print

We also can offer labeled boxes, as well as digitally printed boxes.  Digital print is great for lower volume customers or constantly changing product brands.  Season brand beverage boxes or special holiday boxes are some perfect examples of our capabilities.

 Digital Die Cutting

We have a customer with the unique ability to cut a box like no one else.  The possibilities are endless with this unique technology.


Single Face Corrugated

Flexible Singleface Corrugated conforms to all shapes and sizes.

  • A Flute - raised 1/4" flutes provide shock absorbing cushioning and crush resistance.
  • B Flute -1/8" raised fluting provides for easier wrapping.
  • Use to protect metal and glass parts.


Master Cartons
Designed for freight consolidation, these master packs fit our most popular small cube cartons.

  • No need for additional void fill - a perfect fit every time!
  • Manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated.
  • Sold and shipped flat in bundle quantities.

    Master Cartons