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Our Simply Packed Team

Simply Packed was created to help simplify all your packaging needs. Many companies selling packaging supplies today have made a simple process complicated. Our aim is to make the process easy, transparent and efficient. The goal of packaging should be getting your product from point A to B safely and as cheaply as possible. Simply Packed is designed to be your one stop shop for the essential packaging products you use the most.

We are offering several of the highest volume products in the market: Pallet Wrap, Tape, Corrugated Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Strapping, and Void Fill for the inside of a box.

Why buy from us – In a word; transparency. We know buying packaging supplies like stretch film, shrink film, tape or strap can be a frustrating task.  That's why our pricing is transparent and upfront. We work with our customers to find out what they want to save on their packaging and we make ourselves an extension of your company.  We fight to get the best pricing possible from the vendors to make our customers happy with the product and the price.


Michael Klear


Michael Prassel

Chief Operating Officer

Kristian Dillard

Regional Sales Manager

Ray Klear

VP of Sales




  1. What if the product doesn’t perform or has a malfunction?
    We stand behind all our products and will get an RA # so we can track the return. Typically the damaged rolls will need to be send back to inspect it for flaws before we can issue you a full credit.
  2. Why don’t you carry many custom products?
    With the exception of a corrugated box, we believe most stock products will fit 90% of our customers needs at a significantly lower cost.
  3. Can I buy less than pallet quantities?
    Yes many of our products can be purchased by the case.
  4. Do you charge freight?
    Yes we charge freight on smaller than pallet load quantities. If its over a pallet then we typically prepay (waive) the freight cost. We do spell this out and not add it into the cost of the product.
  5. Can I set up a reoccurring order so I don’t need to hassle with ordering my packaging all the time?
    Absolutely – we can help you identify a reoccurring order with flexible ship dates (Blank Purchase orders)
  6. Do you extend credit so we don’t have to pay up front?
    We are able to provide low prices on your packaging essentials because we pay our suppliers on time all the time.  We offer flexible payment options (Paypal/Mastercard/AMEX/Visa/Google Wallet). We also extend credit to customers who are used to a traditional method of buying on credit.

Snap a picture of your product you are trying to package and email it to us at expert@simplypacked.com.