18” 1500’ 47g Down Gauged Plastic Wrap (Per Case - 4 Rolls)

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This is a bulletproof hand plastic wrap that has a high holding force while minimizing punctures on odd shaped loads.  This can be used in 95% of distribution centers and manufacturing locations with a high degree of confidence.  18” is ideal for navigating a pallet as quickly as possible. You are saving about 15% of your time wrapping by utilizing our 18” film. Its not heavy after carrying for hours since it’s a light weight conventional plastic wrap.  After stretching 50-75% this product will contain your product like a fully automatic machine.  No need to spend thousands of dollars on machine plastic wrap with our 18” 1500’ 47g high performance hand plastic wrap. Our largest competitor is selling this exact same product for $14.00/roll (Uline), we are seling to you for $9.25/roll!!

  • 4 Rolls Per Case (64 cases per pallet) - 256 Rolls Per Pallet
  • High Quality Conventional Hand Pallet Wrap